On set with Paddington Bear from the BBC Archive

My apologies for the long wait between posts, life has somewhat got in the way of late. Hopefully this will more than make up for it.

Barry Leith Animating Paddington

Barry Leith Animating Paddington

In 1980 the area surrounding Baker Street in London was looking to be re-developed. Shopkeepers and businesses that had made their home there were not happy with the new scheme and looked to put a stop to it.

The BBC programme ‘Nationwide’ went to investigate and see what made this area so special and why it should be saved. After it’s early fame through Mr Sherlock Holmes it was now Paddington Bears turn illuminate this corner of London. At the time Barry Leith at FilmFair’s Blandford Studios was busy animating everyones favourite Peruvian Bear. By this time Ivor had left FilmFair but the footage below shows a rare glimpse into the studio that he called home for so many years. It is also really nice to see the sets and puppet that he helped create. Make sure you stay watching to the end as there is a great interview with the charismatic Graham Clutterbuck, owner of the London arm of FilmFair.

Many thanks to Tony Clark for pointing this one out! You can see the full film here or watch the part from Paddington below:


Paddington Bear cartoons by Ivor Wood

Wow it’s been 3 weeks since the last post! Apologies to all, work has been crazy and we’re also starting a BIG self funded project called Rex Factor – The Animated Show. More on that later if you’re interested.

It’s been a while but I’ve done some digging and pulled out these gems from Ivor’s Paddington Bear days. Around 1977 Ivor and Michael Bond embarked on a series of cartoon strips for the London Evening News. There’s more in an article I wrote a while back here. It was quite an undertaking and saw Paddington get into all sorts of scrapes in just four panels per story.

I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the original cel drawings that Ivor drew straight onto acetate. They’re a great example of his draftsmanship and full of that Ivor charm.

Paddington Bear cartoon for the London Evening News - 1977 - Illustrated by Ivor Wood

Paddington Bear saws wood for the London Evening News – 1977 – Illustrated by Ivor Wood

Paddington Bear cartoon for the London Evening News - 1977 - Illustrated by Ivor Wood

Paddington Bear carries boxes for the London Evening News – 1977 – Illustrated by Ivor Wood

This has to be my personal favourite (above). I love the way the boxes are drawn and so precariously balanced as Paddington makes probably quite a fateful trip down the stairs. You need no more in a drawing of this quality to tell the story. We all know what will happen without it being spelled out and it’s a testament to Ivor’s storytelling vision. His line work once again may not be in proportion or the most tidy, but the expression and pose is all there and weighted perfectly for that sudden trip and tumble.

Paddington Bear cartoon for the London Evening News - 1977 - Illustrated by Ivor Wood

Paddington’s jar of marmalade for the London Evening News – 1977 – Illustrated by Ivor Wood

Well I had to end the post with Paddington’s favourite snack, Marmalade. Just look at those chunky bits’ shredded up in the jar. Hmmmm. Promise not to leave the next post too long so keep on the look out.

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Paddington Bear and The Herbs Sage?

Firstly thanks for all your comments from various people over the last weeks, glad to see there are so many Ivor Wood fans out there. They’ve been great to receive and I’m finally getting a chance to reply to them so my apologies for this. Also thanks to all the new followers, it’s so great to have you all on board as we delve into Ivor Wood’s archive.

This weeks post is more of an observation than anything else. I was flicking through Paddington’s Loose End Book the other day and stumbled across his idea for the letter ‘O’. The book details activities and crafts to do at each letter of the alphabet and when it gets to ‘O’ Paddington suggests creating your very own Owl. A very odd idea indeed but when you take a look at the picture it starts to make sense…

…is that Sage from The Herbs?

Owls - Paddingtons Loose End Book, Illustrated by Ivor Wood

Owls – Paddingtons Loose End Book, Illustrated by Ivor Wood

This  might be one of those things that we never find out and I have no idea how much input Ivor had in the creation of the content of the book. However the author, Michael Bond, also famously wrote and created The Herbs so pretty sure this isn’t a coincidence. It’s the only cross-reference I’ve ever seen so thought it’s be good to share with you all. Especially for all those Herbs fans out there.


Merry Christmas from Paddington Bear

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my fellow Ivor Wood fans. It’s been quite a year with some amazing discoveries including my personal highlight, that photo of the real life (and most importantly still existing) Paddington Bear puppet.

I could therefore think of no better way to end the year than to share with you a Christmas story from Paddington Bear himself. It’s from ‘The Great Big Paddington Book’ published in 1976 by Collins and illustrated by Ivor. Paddington is at a loss about how many gifts he has to buy and the bun fund is running low! Mr Gruber will help him out though. Time to get creative Paddington!

Paddingtons Christmas Problem illustrated by Ivor Wood - Collins, 1976

Paddingtons Christmas Problem illustrated by Ivor Wood

As I say everytime I publish an Ivor Wood illustration, his expressive pen strokes capture his characters personalities so well. Paddington has never looked cuter and more loveable than when he’s drawn in Ivor’s style. He sense of bafflement and bemusement as he sits on the sofa with Mr Gruber and the look below as he gets tangled in Judy’s necklace sums up everyones favourite bear.

Paddingtons Christmas Problem illustrated by Ivor Wood - Collins, 1976

Paddingtons Christmas Problem illustrated by Ivor Wood


And as it was my highlight here’s the old puppet once again. So great to see it still playing the part, even if he is a little underdressed.

Thanks again for everyones support this year and for taking an interest in Ivor Wood. Slowly but surely he’s getting the appreciation he so rightly deserves. See you in2017 for some more goodies.

Party time with Paddington Bear

Last week long time follower of the blog Duncan Gisby commented saying it was his birthday this week. We don’t normally do birthdays but I couldn’t resist showing off some of my favourite Ivor Wood illustrations, aptly themed too.

Party Time with Paddington, illustrated by Ivor Wood. Paddingtons Party Book 1976

Party Time with Paddington, illustrated by Ivor Wood. Paddingtons Party Book 1976

The illustration above is from Paddingtons Party Book, published way back in 1976. This, in my opinion, was during Ivor’s most prolific and greatest illustration period. He produced a huge number of illustrations during the 1970’s for mostly Paddington but also The Herbs and The Wombles. It’s here in the Party Book that I most love his artistic and care-free style. The poses that Ivor conjures up in each of the 30 pages perfectly and most importantly lovingly capture Paddington.

Paddingtons Party Book illustrated by Ivor Wood 1976

Paddingtons Party Book illustrated by Ivor Wood 1976

Ivor uses this particular style in this book and the accompanying Paddingtons Loose End Book, released around the same time. The style is more sketchy than some of his Paddington incarnations but to me it perfectly parallels that loveable, accident prone bear he so endearingly portrayed on screen. I encourage you all to hunt down a copy of this book, not just for the illustrations but also the practical tips of how to throw the perfect party!

Ivor Wood’s Paddington Bear Puppet

Thanks everyone for staying tuned for this 2 month special, albeit a little 2 week break, on Paddington Bear. It’s been a really interesting ride with lots of different areas to cover from Ivor’s illustrations to Paddingtons clothing patterns. We’ve heard from lot’s of people including Barry Leith, Barry Macey and Josiane Wood, so thanks to everyone for their contributions. It has all culminated to this end point where we are proud to show you Paddington Bear himself!

Children avert your eyes as Paddington Bear is in the all together. Many, many thanks to Karen Jankel, the daughter of Michael Bond, for these wonderful photos of the nations favourite bear. Over the last few months I’ve been in regular contact with Karen and she’s been  most helpful in providing me with extra information on the animated, and not forgetting illustrated, world of Paddington. As we spoke she mentioned that Paddingtons creator and her father Michael Bond had the original Ivor Wood puppet at his house. With this she sent me through some photos and what a wonderful treat it was to see the little guy up and about.

This is indeed the exact same puppet that was used throughout the entirety of the first series and the beginning of the second. It is not confirmed but Barry Leith thinks he remembers Ivor making a second puppet for the second series if not the specials.

Ivor Wood's original puppet of Paddington Bear

Ivor Wood’s original puppet of Paddington Bear

He may look a little ragged now but after 40 years in a box what do you expect. Despite his first appearance, Paddington is in relatively good condition. We can still see his little button nose and stitched paws so precisely and lovingly detailed by Ivor. He appears to still have good movement as you can see from his expressive pose below. Paddington would have been created using ball and socket joints with ball bearings providing the ease of movement. There were no ready made kits in those days so Ivor would have made them all by hand and specific to every puppet. Something that is striking is that he looks so much like a teddy bear when all de-clothed. His fur is wrapped all around his body and not just in the visible parts we see in the show. Ivor’s attention to detail is flawless and it’s certainly helped to preserve Paddington Bear all these long years.

Ivor Wood's original puppet of Paddington Bear

Ivor Wood’s original puppet of Paddington Bear

It’s been an amazing few months and the pressure is now on to follow up with some more goodies. If anyone has a favourite show they’d like to see written about then just let me know.

Paddington Bears TV show clothing patterns

By 1972 Ivor had already created a 2D test version of Paddington Bear only to be turned down by Michael Bond as not quite right. Undeterred Ivor went back to the drawing board and created a new style that was his most inventive to date. The stop-motion show that we’ve all come to love.

Paddington Bear TV show clothing patterns

Paddington Bear TV show clothing patterns

It’s with many thanks from Ivor’s wife Josiane that we can share with you some of Ivor’s intricate, delicate and wonderful clothing patterns of Paddington’s jacket, hat, hood and even hands! It’s an amazing and rare opportunity to see these designs and the fact that they still exist in a little envelope in the mist of Josiane’s loft is brilliant news.

Ivor was an absolute perfectionist and we can see this in the way he goes about his designs above. Everything is precisely measured out and analysed to make sure that it fits perfectly. He even went to the great lengths of creating little coat hangars for the clothes and giving them a wash every now and then to make sure all his characters were looking their best.

As we draw to the end of this 2 month long special on Paddington Bear we have one final post to come. It’s going to be a BIG one, so look out for it.