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My name Tom Sanders and as a child I grew up loving children’s shows such as Postman Pat, Bertha and Charlie Chalk, without really knowing who was at the helm of literally shaping my childhood. I still remember losing my Postman Pat scarf on the tube and being overwhelmed at the loss. It was years later when I started to animate and read an article by Joseph Wallace about the life of Ivor Wood that ball finally dropped and I realised why all those shows were my favourite. It was then that I decided to one day research and bring to the forefront this pioneer of animation, Ivor Wood.

I’m always shocked at every animation event I attend how little people know about Ivor and feel that it’s time to correct this and make sure he’s remembered for the inspiring work that he produced.

I’m a passionate animator who has a love for bringing characters to life. I run a small animation studio called Tinmouse Animation that specialises in 2D animation, both character and motion-graphic based. As a director I’ve produced two successful (if I can say that)  short films that have been shown at festivals around Europe namely The Robin and Bedlam.



6 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. The Rose Alchemist says:

    Hi Tom,
    Do you have a blog for your own animation works? I checked out your studio website and it was great. But I’d like to stay in contact with 2D animator bloggers as I am learning to become one myself.


    • Tom Sanders says:

      Thanks for getting in touch the company website is partly mine and partly the work of everyone here at Tinmouse so it’s the best way to find out whats going on. Otherwise head over to our Vimeo and Facebook page for regular updates. Are you enjoying The World of Ivor Wood?


  2. Dawn says:

    Hi Tom. I’m so thrilled to have found your blog on the great Ivor Wood. He needs to be celebrated so much more than he is. Parsley is my particular favourite, both The Herbs and its spin-off Parsley the Lion and Friends. I have an extensive memorabilia collection – several of my items are pictured on the Homestead site you talk about on one of your blogs. Keep up the good work, Ivor’s contribution to animation should not be underestimated. It’s had quite the impact.


    • Tom Sanders says:

      Thanks so much for you’re comments Dawn, it’s so good to see that you’re enjoying this blog. Ivor made a great contribution to the British animation industry and childrens television and hopefully I can do him justice here. It’s always nice to hear what peoples fan favourites are and I guess that The Herbs win this for you hands down. It would be great to learn more about your collection, feel free to give me an email.
      Thanks again and will have to look into some more Herbs posts for you!


  3. Tony Clark says:

    Great blog Tom !!! I did meet Ivor many years ago at his studio as I had been a fan of his work since The Magic Roundabout in the 1960s. There isn’t a series that Ivor worked on that I don’t like, his puppet designs are wonderful. I got to see the Wombles puppets at Film Fair in the 1990s (though MacWomble the Terrible was the only Womble puppet from the original series they had that hadn’t been refurbished for the series they were filming at the time). I too have some Herbs merchandise items on Jay’s Herbs homestead site and appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Collectors’ Lot’ programme with my Womble merchandise collection.


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