Merry Christmas everybody! As a Christmas gift to you please find a link and the film below of ‘The World of Ivor Wood at Manchester Animation Festival’. In case you missed out on last times post, Joseph Wallace,Ivor’s wife Josiane and I recently got together to talk about Ivor’s career at this years Manchester Animation Festival curated by Steve Henderson. It was a pleasure to see such a packed theatre and to spread some light on the plethora of work that Ivor accomplished over his career.

Sadly there was no professional filming at the event so you’ll have to do with my camera and my good friend Rach’s phone. The camera stopped a couple of times so you’ll see a couple of cuts and change of angle towards the end. Please bear with.

Hope you enjoy the talk below:


    • Alex the Pensmith says:

      I was gonna ask the same thing re: shop interior. There’s footage of Ivor Wood on set with that same shop interior with Pat and his van in a Magic Roundabout mockumentary c. 1991 on YouTube. Makes me wonder which episode it was intended. Does Josiane have any idea?


  1. Tom Sanders says:

    Thanks for getting in touch guys and apologies for the delay in reply it’s been a busy start to the New Year. In terms of the set I’m not sure exactly where it’s meant to be but I can do some digging and try to find out. I’m looking at a good run on Postman Pat over the next few months so stay tuned!

    The Pat puppet on stage with us was on loan from Cosgrove Hall and is one of the puppets they use for the current series. The Jess next to him is also Cosgrove Hall but the other is the original Jess the Cat made by Ivor now in the excellent care of Mackinnon and Saunders.

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