Rex Factor – The Animated Show

I should have a warning at the top of this post. Sadly this is a personal request and very little to do with Ivor Wood (sorry!).


My studio Tinmouse Animation are currently in the process of producing a pilot TV show called Rex Factor – The Animated Show. We’ve teamed up with the internationally successful history podcast Rex Factor to bring history to life and make it more accessible to all ages. The podcast see’s presenters Graham and Ali reviewing all the Kings and Queens of England rating them on a series of factors: Battleyness, Scandal, Subjectivity, Longevity and Dynasty. They then decide whether the chosen monarch deserves the coveted Rex Factor crown. We’re taking this famous format and delving into the life of the notorious King Richard III… but is it time to rethink the legend?

We’ve been crowd-funding with Kickstarter throughout August and now have 10 days left to meet our funding target (31st August). The support for the show has been incredible so far with over 200 backers and no being just shy of 70% funded.

The Kickstarter Campaign

As our Kickstarter campaign comes towards its end we’d love your support and your love for animation to bring the show to life. If you can spare a few minutes to share the link above with your friends and other animation lovers then we’ll be greatly appreciative. On the flip-side if you do want to pledge then have no fear we have some amazing rewards for you! Including t-shirts, a ‘making of’ documentary, mugs, prints, 3D models and artwork from the show. Plus if you’re feeling plucky, a personalised character of you in the show!


We’ve already self-funded the whole pre-production process last year so just need that little boost to get the show animated ready for the April 2018 launch. Thanks so much for reading this and I promise once the Kickstarter has finished I’ll be back to posting up more Ivor Wood treats!