Ivor Wood animating The Wombles

Okay, so BIG error on my part today. I started writing a long post on the designing of the Wombles and was all ready with it until I realised that the book I wanted to use as reference is in storage! So you’ll have to do with something more digital from what’s on my computer.

Lucky for you it’s some gold dust which I can’t believe I haven’t already shared with you. You may remember I while back (here) that I shared some amazing photographs of Ivor Wood at work and animating The Wombles. Ivor’s son Sean had dug them out of his mother, Josiane’s, loft or The Archive as we’ve been calling it. Anyway without further ado here are the rest of those images. Hope you enjoy and apologies again for the lack of references. Hope to have everything back in working order in a few weeks.

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Ivor Wood animating The Wombles - 1970-72

Ivor Wood animating The Wombles (Orinoco, Wellington and Tobermory – 1970-72

Elisabeth Beresford looks at The Wombles script Series 1 - 1970-72

Elisabeth Beresford looks at The Wombles script Series 1 – 1970-72

Ivor Wood and Elisabeth Beresford discuss The Wombles - 1970-72

Ivor Wood and Elisabeth Beresford discuss The Wombles – 1970-72

Rare unseen Charlie Chalk character

Happy New Year to you all! It’s been three weeks since the last post so I hope you’re all well rested and ready and raring for some more Ivor Wood treats!

As a special opener to 2017 I thought I’d share with you all something very rare and unseen from Ivor’s archive. Whilst digging around in the ‘museum’ that is Josiane Wood’s loft we uncovered some rare treats from my favourite Charlie Chalk. Along with some sketches of the characters at an early stage (see this post Original Charlie Chalk sketch) we also uncovered a rare glimpse at a character that never made it into the show.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce Max – The Big Game Hunter!


Charlie Chalk unseen character – Max The Big Game Hunter

As much as I would love to ramble on about how he came to be and why he wasn’t chosen for the 1988 series, we sadly have no idea. It seems Ivor kept this little gem to himself… until now. There is still some digging to be done and I’m going to pay a visit to the BBC Written Archives once more this year to see if I can find some Charlie Chalk correspondence. Obviously you’ll all be the first to find out if I stumble across anything.


The actual image seems to be painted with either gouache or acrylic with slight coloured pencil marks for his rosey cheeks and a lovely crayoned outline. Wonderfully illustrated as usual and the pop gun immediately tells us that dear old Max wouldn’t actually be shooting anything. As we can see from the image below Ivor’s description runs as so:

MAX, The Big Game Hunter, who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Always in trouble with Captain Mildred


You can almost imagine him running a mock on the island of Merrytwit, and let’s face it isn’t hard to get on the wrong side of Captain Mildred. My thoughts on why he was dropped from the cast extend to the fact that perhaps a big game hunter (harmless or not) perhaps wasn’t suitable for the age group or Louis T Duck for that matter. As I’m well aware in the animation industry tonnes of work is produced that never makes the cut but these ideas spawn others that do make the grade, so I’m positive some of Max’s traits found it into other characters. It’s a rare find to stumble across and one that I hope you’ll all find interesting.

As I mentioned above we found a few more hand sketched characters in the ‘museum’ so in a few months time we’ll have a Charlie Chalk special and we can all revel in their grandeur. For now though I think it’s time to mix things up and have a few posts from different shows.

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