Postman Pat Character Line-Up

A nice simple post today as things are getting busy with studio this end! Can’t forget to share some more Ivor Wood gems with you all though.

Whilst looking through Ivor’s wife Josiane’s loft we found a lot of unseen and rare little pieces. One of which is this A3 print of all the characters from Postman Pat. We’re guessing this is from Series 1 based on the fact that Major Forbes doesn’t appear in the line up. Major Forbes although mentioned in Series 1 doesn’t actually play a physical role until series 2, so hopefully our thinking is correct. (You’ll have to excuse the white line in the middle as my scanner was playing up).

This character colour reference sheet is in order for all merchandisers to accurately depict each character within it’s products. Woodland Animations would have been sent out to all those affiliated with merchandise to make sure that everyone in the Postman Pat world looked the same. It’s great to see all the colourful array of characters in one setting and see Ivor’s work on show. The poses and personalities shine through as always. I love the expressive large hands that is so trade mark to Ivor’s style. He’s not even shy about putting the same sized hands on the children.

Postman Pat Character Colour Reference Sheet

Postman Pat character colour reference sheet

A quick post today before we wrap up on Pat for a while in a few weeks. Thanks for reading!

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