Postman Pat sketches by Ivor Wood

Following on from last weeks post on Postman Pat teaches English, we take a look this week at the accompanying booklet that Ivor hand illustrated to go with the video.

Each episode of the EFL series was adapted from the first series of Postman Pat. Within the booklet is a series of illustrations by Ivor accompanied by French text explaining and teaching children whats happening within the episode. I’ve included one of these episode teachings below. For those that can speak French I’m sure you can guess what episode it is. For those who can’t it’s the 5th episode of the first series entitled ‘The Sheep in the Clover Field’. The episode first aired on 7th October 1981.

PP_EFL_Illustrations 4

As you can see the illustration style is the beautiful sketchy look that Ivor was so good at. A personal favourite style of mine it really helps us to see the thought process and how well Ivor was at communicating poses and expressions in a few simple lines. Something that he translated so well onto the stop-motion sets. It’s great to see how his ideas were probably formed in those early days of Postman Pat and how tangible he still feels even though he’s flat on a piece of paper. Ivor seems to draw him fatter and shorter in these illustrations, which is an interesting change from his tall, elongated 3D creation. Perhaps the limits of the puppet rigs had to make him him longer and more pliable. Shorter characters, tending to have shorter limbs, can often be harder to manipulate making the animation process increasingly time consuming. Maybe Ivor had had enough of that with The Wombles.


PP_EFL_Illustrations 1

It truly is a great insight into Ivor’s mind and how he imagined Pat. Another glimpse of this book next week.


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