Charlie Chalks Island of Merrytwit

As we’re well in the realm of the amazing Charlie Chalk it is a real treat to show you all an early design for Merrytwit. It comes along with a wonderful description by Ivor himself so take the time to give it a read.

Merrytwit painted by Ivor Wood for Charlie Chalk

Merrytwit painted by Ivor Wood for Charlie Chalk

Ivor always had a passion for art beyond animation. He was an avid painter and it was always a dream to hang up his animators gloves and retire to a more quieter life painting. The reason I bring this is up is that you can see in this wonderful depiction of Merrytwit, Ivor’s clear inspiriation from surrealist and abstract artists. Whether it was intentional or not the piece really reminds me of a latter Matisse. It’s the way the colours jump off the page and the shapes aren’t exact but more impressions of what they are meant to present. I’ve added a Matisse below so hopefully you can all see where I’m coming from.

Matisse - The Snail, 1953

Matisse – The Snail, 1953

Island of Merrytwit from Charlie Chalk

Island of Merrytwit from Charlie Chalk

This style certainly suits the absurd and surreal world of Charlie Chalk. We never see the full Merrytwit in model form but we do see it those famous opening titles which again link back to the Matisse idea, with its cut out feel 2D animation and overlapping coloured fills. I have some more stuff on this intro sequence so stay tuned.


One thought on “Charlie Chalks Island of Merrytwit

  1. Duncan Gisby says:

    This looks like a fantastic painting picture sketch you see this is why I’m into Ivor Wood’s work you know I think if you look at George’s letter you can tell that the Woodland logo had been redesigned (or resketched)

    It’s my birthday next Tuesday I’ll be 20 so I’m hoping there will be a little surprise for me next Thursday
    Duncan Gisby


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