Paddington cartoons in the Evening News

Between the years 1976 and 1978, whilst producing the Paddington TV show Ivor Wood illustrated Paddington in a startling number of publications, bearing in mind is already busy workload. Overall he contributed his sketchy styled little bear to 6 books including a pop-up book and a selection of cartoons for newspaper the Evening News (now the Evening Standard).


It is with many thanks to his wife Josiane for this great trip down memory lane. I had been aware of the newspaper cartoons for while but had only ever seen them in colour in the compendium ‘Paddington’s Cartoon Book’ and not in situ in the Evening News. Cue Josiane and with some digging she found some originals along with a nice poster advertising the fact that Paddington was bringing himself to the newspaper.

Paddington cartoon in the Evening News, 1977. Illustrated by Ivor Wood

Paddington cartoon in the Evening News, 1977. Illustrated by Ivor Wood

The little cartoons were written by Michael Bond and were in the paper from (we reckon) 3rd January 1977 until 1978. Each were illustrated by Ivor and coloured up on cels, even though they were only for a black and white paper. This probably goes to show that the end goal was always to feature them within a compendium as they do appear later in ‘Paddington’s Cartoon Book’ and ‘The Great Big Paddington Book’. I have been lucky enough to view the originals and if permission is granted it would be great to show them with you all.

Apologies for the slight vagueness of the article but it’s something I am yet to do further research into but saw it as too good an opportunity not to share.

Stay tuned as we continue our two month special on Ivor and Paddington.


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