Original Charlie Chalk sketch

Merry Christmas to you all and thanks to everyone for such a great response to the blog this year, its been very humbling. It’s so great to see that there are so many fans of Ivor Wood around and how much he means to a lot of you, whether thats through his shows or his artistry.

As a big thank you to everyone I’d like to share with you an original sketch of the one and only Charlie Chalk, drawn in pencil by Ivor. Whilst at his home, along with his widow Josiane and fellow researcher Joseph Wallace, we came across many pieces of artwork that Ivor had drawn, painted and developed. This piece below had to be my favourite though.

Charlie Chalk | Pencil sketch on paper by Ivor Wood

Charlie Chalk | Pencil sketch on paper by Ivor Wood

Josiane reckons that this along with many other character drawings from Charlie Chalk were created to show a book publisher in the hope of making Charlie Chalk into story books. However, more in the other drawings of the series, the publisher didn’t like Ivor’s style. It may seem strange bearing in mind Ivor was so pivotal in the success of the illustrations for Paddington, The Herbs and The Wombles but obviously the 1990s had other ideas.

Once more it’s been such a pleasure in sharing all this amazing artwork, stories and blasts from the pasts with you all and there will be many more to come. As if you need teasing next year we have interviews with animators George Laban (Postman Pat), Rory Fellowes (Hattytown Tales), Barry Macey and more from Barry Leith. Along with this there is tons more archived material to go through including a very special announcement on The Herbs. So much to look forward to.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who I’ve spoken to this year including Joseph Wallace, Josiane Wood, Barry Leith, Barry Macey, Rory Fellowes, George Laban, Karen Jankel, Nicholas Durbridge, Keith Chatlfield, Derek Mogford, Clive Juster and anyone I’ve missed. It’s been a real treat to learn more and more about Ivor’s work. Thanks everyone for your time and hopefully we can all catch up in the New Year.

Until 2016…over and out.


3 thoughts on “Original Charlie Chalk sketch

  1. Josiane Wood says:

    Thank you for all this great work. It has been a privilege to meet you and your enthusiasm for Ivor’s work has not limit. I am really and truly grateful.
    May I wish you and all Ivor’s fans a Merry Christmas and a great Year with even more news!


  2. Duncan Gisby says:

    Dear Tom

    That was fun this year wasn’t it I do hope there’ll be more for the new year it has been an honour to be part of this blog site and thank you for making it happen but of course the biggest thanks has to go to the creative talents behind the cameras at Woodland and FilmFair.

    When the new year starts I hope there’ll be some videos or even more photos behind the scenes (by the way I asked Nottingham Comic Con if we can have Josiane Wood there as a guest…. Just a question)

    On behalf of Gisby Associates may I wish you and to all of Ivor’s pals a very Merry Christmas


    Sent from Outlook Mobile


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