In pictures – Ivor at Filmfair

A little gem to share with you all today of Ivor Wood towards the end of his time at FilmFair. The photo would have been taken around the late 70’s and shows from left to right Ivor Wood, Barry Macey and Barry Leith setting up a multi-plane camera, probably in Blandford Studios.


(Left to right) Ivor Wood, Barry Macey and Barry Leith at FilmFair

The photo shows the three of them setting up a multi-plane camera for a pilot that Barry Macey was shooting called TeeGee and Moony, a adaptation of a french children’s book based on two cats. Ivor’s involvement was minimal at this time as he was in the midst of a few major goings on both at FilmFair and in his personal work. Barry Macey remembers The Wombles set’s being dismantled and coming to an end whilst Paddington Bear was just starting to be animated. In an aside to this Ivor was already in the process of developing Postman Pat for the BBC which would inevitably lead to him leaving FilmFair and setting up his own studio, Woodland Animations.

Barry Leith would stay on to animate the second series of Paddington and some of the TV specials along with other outings at Filmfair such as Portland Bill.

Barry Macey focused his efforts on pilots and worked closely with Graham Clutterbuck, FilmFairs producer. TeeGee and Moony was presented to the BBC but got a response of “why cats?” and to my knowledge never went any further. Barry then drifted onto illustrating Paddington leaving FilmFair for The Paddington Company before returning in 1980 when FilmFair was bought out by Central Telelvision.

There is more from both the Barry’s from their time working with Ivor and FilmFair so stay tuned for more.


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