The Wombles Sheet Music, Minuetto Allegretto with Uncle Bulgaria

An Ivor Wood illustrated Uncle Bulgaria for Mike Batt (and Mozart's) Minuetto Allegretto

An Ivor Wood illustrated Uncle Bulgaria for Mike Batt (and Mozart’s) Minuetto Allegretto

Little eBay find for you today. Sheet music from one of Mike Batt’s Womble songs Minuetto Allegretto. The song was first released on the ‘Remember you’re a Womble’ album and featured in the lyrics the many dancing attributes of a young Uncle Bulgaria. It was written with a little help from Mozart and his Symphony no.41 and has since ben released on a couple of Best Of’s.

What is nice to see is that the sheet music is adorned with a lovely drawing of Uncle Bulgaria by designer and creator Ivor Wood. Ivor’s trademark quick, sketchy line is shown in abundance here  and it really lends Uncle Bulgaria a lively and expressive character. Sadly I’m not quite up to speed yet as to when this drawing was produced and whether it was always intended for use on the sheet music. There are other sheet music books out there with the same Ivor illustrations on so once they are tracked down a future blog post will make sure to tell the whole story.

In case you don’t remember this song, please find a little video of The Wombles live at Glastonbury in 2011 doing their version.


3 thoughts on “The Wombles Sheet Music, Minuetto Allegretto with Uncle Bulgaria

  1. Frederick Harrison says:

    Ivor Wood’s hand drawn picture of Great Uncle Bulgaria dates from late 1973 and originally appeared in The Wombles’ Song Book as one of the illustrations for the music for Great Uncle Bulgaria’s March.
    A variation of this illustration appeared on the back cover of the folio with GUB holding an lp record (minus sleeve) in his left paw.
    It also appears on the inside of the sheet music for The Wombling Song.
    I can send scans of these if you wish.


    • Tom Sanders says:

      Hi Fredrick
      Thanks so much for getting in touch with all this information it’s very much appreciated. IF you could scan it all in then that would be incredible and I would certainly credit you on the blog for your hard work. I take it you are a big fan of The Wombles music? My email is if you wanted to send them that way.


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