Postman Pat on the record

Sadly daily work has taken hold for the past few weeks so the big post on the making of The Wombles from my interview with Barry Leith will have to wait for a few more weeks. However I did have success on the world’s favourite biding site, Ebay, and found this little treasure.

Postman Pat record 1982

Postman Pat record 1982 (front)

Postman Pat record 1982 (back)

Postman Pat record 1982 (back)

Released in 1982 it features all the music from Postman Pat and features such memorable tunes as the self titled ‘Postman Pat’, ‘Jess the Cat’ and my personal favourite ‘Handyman Song’. If you cast your mind back you may remember Ted Glen singing this as he went about fixing the old water pump in Greendale. As well as this there is ‘Miss Rebecca Hubbard’s’ song which unusually gives us her first name, something that is rarely used in the show compared to the majority of the other characters who  are always referred to with both their first and second names.

Postman Pat record 1982

Postman Pat record 1982

All the songs were written and performed by composer Brian Daly and as well as giving us all these homely tunes Brian also contributed to songs in both Gran and Bertha. Ken Barrie sung all of Brians creations  and furthermore provided voices for Ted Glen, Granny Dryden, Peter Fogg, Major Forbes, George Lancaster, Geoff Pringle, Alf Thompson, Reverend Timms, Arthur Selby, and Sam Waldron, overall a very talented individual. He also stayed with Woodland Animations to record the Charlie Chalk them tune written by Mike Redway.

One hidden gem on this record has to be the personal thanks to Ivor Wood on the reverse of the jacket. As well as thanks to the collective Woodland Animations there is a named thanks to the man who bought life to our favourite postman.

Postman Pat record 1982

Postman Pat record 1982


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