Ivor Wood: An Animated Celebration – Bristol Festival of Puppetry 2015

Charlie Chalk (1989). Ivor Wood © Woodland Animations

Charlie Chalk (1989). Ivor Wood © Woodland Animations

Amazing news this week straight from similar Ivor Wood researcher and admirer Joseph Wallace as he gets set to curate a retrospective of some of Ivor’s best work at this years Bristol Festival of Puppetry.

This Saturday 29th August as part of the Bristol Festival of Puppetry, Ivor Wood’s work will be given a full retrospective in an 80 minute screening of some his most famous and beloved work. ‘Ivor Wood: An Animated Celebration’ is the brain child of Joseph Wallace who is one of the festival curators. His background is varied but largely focused on puppetry and acting and has always had a love for Ivor’s work and feels that it is much under appreciated in the wider animation and puppetry world.

Having met with Joseph on occasion he expresses great passion and dedication to putting Ivor’s work centre stage. He has wrangled lots of permissions and taken a long road in order to show this retrospective and by the sounds of the bill it feels like a really full and rich collection of what Ivor produced within his career.

The Herbs: Parsley’s Birthday Party (1968)

The Wombles: The Rocking Chair (1973)

Paddington: Please Look After This Bear (1975)

Postman Pat: Postman Pat Takes a Message (1981)

Gran: Gran’s Bike (1982)

Bertha: A Mouse in the Works (1985)

Charlie Chalk: The Coconut Harvest (1987)

Including these great episodes I’m led to believe that there will be some special editions nestled in amongst them, including some rare adverts that Ivor was apart of.

I can’t wait to watch all these great films on the big screen and hopefully watch adults fall in love once more with characters such as Paddington, The Wombles and Pat. The screening I’m sure will also bring with it a host of new little people to wonder in Ivor’s creations.

The Bristol Festival of Puppetry runs from 26th August – 6th September with ‘Ivor Wood: An Animated Celebration’ being screened on Saturday 29th August at The Watershed at 1.30pm.

Tickets can be bought from the festivals website:



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