Gran – Overview


Year first aired: 1982  |  Producer: Woodland Animations |  Ivor Wood’s Role: Designer & Director

As Postman Pat was in production Woodland Animations decided to embark on a truly original show called Gran. Designed and directed once more by Ivor it followed the eccentric life of Gran and her grandson Jim. It went for a single series and had an urban setting perhaps to avoid similarities to Pat.

Bertha – Overview


Year first aired: 1985  |  Producer: Woodland Animations |  Ivor Wood’s Role: Designer & Director

The penultimate production at Woodland Ivor Wood once more delighted us with his now trademark characters in factory based show Bertha. Only running for single series it proved popular and was shown in multiple re-runs on the BBC.

Simon and the Land of Chalk Drawings – Overview

Year first aired: 1976  |  Producer: FilmFair |  Ivor Wood’s Role: Director

During the production of Paddington Bear FilmFair ventured into the world of 2D and decided to animate the Ed McLachlan books Simon and the Land of Chalk Drawings. Perhaps excited by the 2D element to Paddington Ivor Wood directed this series harking back to his days at La Comete producing traditional animation.