Charlie Chalk – Overview

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Year first aired: 1987  |  Producer: Woodland Animations |  Ivor Wood’s Role: Designer, Animator and Director

Certainly Ivor Wood’s most surreal work. Charlie Chalk and his merry band of colourful characters was to be the last show created in his life and at Woodland Animations. With scripts written by Jocelyn Stevenson and animation by Derek Mogford it sadly only ran for 13 episodes.

Postman Pat – Overview

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Year first aired: 1981  |  Producer: Woodland Animations |  Ivor Wood’s Role: Designer, Animator and Director

Undoubtedly one of Ivor Wood’s most celebrated creations. Written by author John Cunliffe it was the first programme to be produced at Ivor and, wife Josiane’s, own studio Woodland Animations. Commissioned by the BBC it ran for many series and stopped being produced at Woodland in 1991 before the Woods’ sold off their studio along with the rights to Postman Pat.

Paddington Bear – Overview

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Year first aired: 1975  |  Producer: FilmFair  |  Ivor Wood’s Role: Designer, Animator and Director

Where two mediums collide, Paddington Bear’s style was masterminded by Wood to eliminate the need for lots of puppets in the crowded London scenes. Wood animated most of the initial series with animator Barry Leith stepping into the frame for the following series’. The show was written by the books author Michael Bond and narrated by Michael Hordern.

The Wombles Overview

The Wombles

Year first aired: 1973  |  Producer: FilmFair  |  Ivor Wood’s Role: Designer, Animator and Director

Based on books by Elisabeth Beresford the Wombles was a tv show designed, animated and directed by Ivor Wood and produced by British production company FilmFair. It was created for the BBC and became one of the most popular programmes of it’s day. Voiced by Bernard Cribbins and soundtracked by Mike Batt who composed the ever likeable soundtrack and further Womble classics.

Hattytown Tales Overview


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Year first aired: 1969  |  Producer: FilmFair|  Ivor Wood’s Role: Designer and Director

Hattytown Tales was a series directed and designed by Ivor Wood and animated by Rory Fellowes for the, then European, production company FilmFair. It was based on the stories by Keith Chatfield who also voiced the series. Wood designed  and created all the puppets and sets for the show.

The Herbs Overview

First aired (The Herbs): 1968  |  Producer: FilmFair  |  Ivor Wood’s Role: Animator and Director

First aired (AofP): 1970  |  Producer: FilmFair  |  Ivor Wood’s Role: Animator and Director

Ivor Wood’s first into directing a TV show. He not only directed but animated and created all the puppets for The Herbs. Created in France for FilmFair it was created for the BBC. Following its success a spin-off series The Adventures of Parsely involving The Herbs leading and most popular character .

The Magic Roundabout Overview

Year first aired: 1964  |  Producer: Serge Danot  |  Ivor Wood’s Role: Animator

The Magic Roundabout, or La Manege Enchante as it was known in France, was Ivor Wood’s first real successful endeavour into the world of stop-motion. After meeting the shows creator whilst working at Parisian advertising agency La Comete he went onto animate the pilot and following series. The series rights then got sold across the Channel to the BBC giving Ivor his first taste of British children’s television.